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We empower businesses, individuals and families alike to synchronize their digital technologies and privacy - one success story at a time.

Reinvent your Future

Investment Opportunity

Our TECH DIVERSIFIED AZ Crowdfunding offering fills a scalable, global need in a $35B market in the USA alone. Invest in yourself and in empowering suffering families.

PUP'S: Privacy Upgraded Phones

Privatize your business and personal communications. It's your data and your life that's being collected and sold. Why give it away? Take back control of your privacy.

Business Consulting

With a wide range of knowledge and genuine experience our consulting services can save you time, increase your revenue and utilize your existing resources more efficiently.

Business CRM

Synchronize your calendars, chat, customers, email, employees, files, invoicing, sales pipeline, telephony, website and more in one fully featured CRM - all at a great price.


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