Tech Diversified LLC

We've registered our offering with the Arizona Corporation Commission to assure investors that we're approved to raise capital under the State of Arizona's Crowdfunding guidelines.

Invest Now

A. Equity Ownership (Series A Participating)

Long-term ownership in TECH DIVERSIFIED and the highest returns if we hit our projected ROI:

Year 1: R&D | Year 2: 15% | Year 3: 41% | Year 4: 115%)

B. Equity Buyback (Series A Preferred)

Short-term ownership in TECH DIVERSIFIED, LLC and a 'buyback' of units in 4-6 years with a fixed annual return of 8-9% interest.

1. First

Know your own Investor status

  • Accredited: Generally, accredited investors annual income is over $200k for the last 2 yrs ($300k joint income) or net worth over $1M.
  • Non-accredited: Any Investor that does not meet the above guidelines.

2. Guidelines

Maximum & minimum Investments

  • AccreditedNo maximum
  • Non-accredited: $10,000 maximum
  • Both: Minimum $3,000 per our offering

3. How to Invest

  1. Choose Investment A. or B. Then fill out the form below.
  2. Create Equity Certificate. Then, download & save the certificate at the top right.
  3. Purchase Investment: Under 'Download' select 'Pay by Stripe' & then 'Pay' to Invest.

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